Vikas Gadre

Vikas Gadre is a senior professional with 42 years of experience in the industry. Previously the CIO at Tata Chemicals, he is currently engaged in the IoT space. In the past, he has worked as an SBU head with bottom line responsibility, driven acquisitions/mergers in India and abroad, and headed the biofuels business at Tata Chemicals, which included an SBU at Nanded in India and a US$ 250 million agri project in Mozambique. He was also responsible for identifying acquisition targets in Brazil in the agri space. After Tata Chemicals, Vikas worked as Director General of the Bombay Chamber of Commerce for four years. For the last one year, Vikas has been the Chairperson and faculty member for IS at the School of Business Management NMIMS Mumbai. Vikas has also served on the Board of Governors of NITTTR Bhopal, a Government of India institution, and serves as an independent director in an IoT related private limited company and is an advisor to an IT company from Hyderabad.